April 16, 2013

The China Study - finally in Norwegian

Ooops, it is 2013! I have not blogged for a while. I have been busy with the translation and marketing of The China Study. And that is the news I would like to report today.

A while back I blogged about The China Study and its main author, the father of modern nutrition, T. Colin Campbell. The fall of 2011 I was in Washington D.C. and sat down in my hotel room to watch TV as hurricane Irene was ravaging outside. Dr. Sanjay Gupta had a program on CNN called The last heart attack. In the program Gupta interviewed President Bill Clinton about his heart condition and about his switch to a plant-based diet. Clinton talked about Dr Campbell and the China Study. Soon I got my own copy of the China Study, and it was clear to me that this was a game-changer that needed to be translated into Norwegian. I consider it my contribution to the Norwegian health debate, which currently is quite dominated (in the media, at least) by the HFLC (High Fat Low Carb) evangelists. I guess I can be called a LFHC (Low Fat High Carb) disciple :)

So, dear readers, after some blood, sweat and tears, The China Study is now available in Norwegian. It has been a long journey, but - it was fun, albeit tiring. This is what the cover looks like in Norwegian - quite snappy, I think.

The China Study cover  - in Norwegian

And here is the good feeling of seeing my name under the title on the first page of the book

The first page of the book - translated by yours truly

Here is the only other trace of the translator, a comment on the second page on how I chose to translate the concept Whole Foods (which we don't have in Norwegian, so I made one):

Translator's note - on Whole Foods
(sorry for the blur - it was hard to take the picture with one hand :))

Here is what it looks like in the bookstore:

The China Study - 
waiting patiently for customers in the bookstore

The other day I was playing with the text and put the whole text of the Norwegian version through Wordle. It came out, appropriately, as a potato. Real plant-based stuff.
The China Study - as a potato
through Wordle.net

The China Study - in black and white - still a potato
through Wordle.net

If you are a Norwegian, you can obtain your very own copy through www.flux.no, or any online bookstore, or even some of the major bookstores in Oslo. You can even request your local library to buy a copy. I think every library in Norway should have one. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter. Just look up "Kinastudien".

Right now it is quiet before the storm. But I do expect there to be just that - a storm.

I will keep you posted.


  1. Its a book that everyone should read. Then you can choose what you eat by knowing the truth. without this book, you are making your diet depending on lies. Thank you Little Dragon. You letme see the truth :))

    1. Dear DigiMonster. Thank you for your comment. It is a very lonely job to be a translator, so I am happy you see the importance of the book! I think perhaps the book should be available in a digital format so that it will be easily digestible for digimonsters around the world :-)