July 19, 2011

A story about Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Black Stallion

Snow Leopard
from good-wallpapers.com
from good-wallpapers.com

Today I am going to tell you a story about three of my brothers: Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Black Stallion. I have already introduced Thompson to you (see my blog post about him here). He is also known as Snow Leopard as that is the focus  of his work as a wildlife biologist. I have one more brother who is also a wildlife biologist. His name is Tiger. He has gotten that name mainly because when he snores (which he does almost every night) he really sounds like a roaring tiger.  Incidentally, tigers have been a major focus of his work.

Black Stallion
from good-wallpapers.com
A third brother I like to call Black Stallion. He is tall and handsome and moves with the grace of an Arabian horse. We all used to study at the same pirate university for our pirate degrees. In the evenings we would share food and reports from the day in Pentagon, our dormitory. I will let you peek into my diary and see with your own eyes what enfolded one evening:

Yesterday was interesting, to say the least. Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Black Stallion returned from the computer room rather shaken. They had a little more excitement than usual on their return to Pentagon. It was twelve o'clock and pitch dark outside as they started their leisurely stroll, chatting about this and that - minding their own business and nothing else. 
At one point they traversed some rope that was stretched across the path they normally take. This should have been a warning sign, but our heroes were apparently determined not to be distracted from their absent-mindedness. They lifted away the rope and proceeded, still chatting about this and that and minding their own business. Snow Leopard who is a little less hell-bent on being absent-minded started to think more about the rope and fell a few steps behind the others who were deeply engaged in their this-and-that-chat. Snow Leopard said: 'Guys...perhaps we should be carefu....'
At the very moment Snow Leopard uttered those words, Black Stallion suddenly found that he was speaking to himself. Tiger had vanished into thin air! He had fallen unknowingly into a gaping hole in the earth. It was dark and impossible to judge the depth of the hole. Only the sound of falling rocks was to be heard. Black Stallion was petrified. He thought it was the end of Tiger. He got down on his knees and cupped his hands around his mouth: "Tiger! Tiiiigeeer!!" But there was no reply. Rocks were still falling. Black Stallion took off the long scarf he was wearing around his neck and hoisted it down as he kept calling for Tiger.
Tiger eventually wakes up to Black Stallion's call. He is lying in the bottom of a hole and small rocks are still falling over him. He has lost consciousness for a moment so he doesn't know where he is or what he is doing in the bottom of a hole. But he can feel a warm liquid running down his face. Blood from a cut above his forehead. He can also feel the tickling of cloth. Slowly he rises first to his knees, then to his feet and looks up at Black Stallion who is waving the scarf in his face. The hole was little more than 2 meters deep. Hardly enough to kill a man. Today Tiger has a fair sized wound on the top of his head which he wears with pride. 
                                                                     -Pirate Diaries, March 15, 1997

Dear friends, today is Tiger's birthday. By now the wound on his head has healed. I am so happy that he survived that brush with death. Happy birthday, dear Tiger brother. Hip hip hooray! I have found a marvelous picture of a tiger and a snow leopard against a star lit sky (see below). It makes me think back to March 14, 1997. Consider this my birthday card to you. Long may you live! And please, don't fall into any more holes.

The Tiger and the Snow Leopard
by Tofu Squirrel

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