March 30, 2011

T-bag Art from the Box of Reacquaintance

I'm back. As I told you in my last post I have been cleaning. As a cartoon figure I rolled up my sleeves and sighed as I surveyed the territory - my room is a sea of its own with hidden treasure chests of mostly written riches.

Cascading T-bag Art - by Little Dragon

Everywhere I turned there were piles of books, articles, magazines, newspaper cuttings, journals, scraps of paper with scribbled notes and poems, clothes, and a plethora of small, miscellaneous items that I have been given or plundered on my voyages around the world.  Every time I had to put away something without reading it, I felt like I had disowned a friend. I couldn't do it. So, I slipped those items I wanted to get together with again into The Box of Reacquaintance - for later communication.

Today's photo is something from that box - my own-designed T-bag art. I made those small tea bag mandalas a few years back, inspired by some creative ladies in South Africa who decided to make a livelihood from spent tea bags. They created a small business called The Original T-Bag Design where tea bags are collected and dried and used as canvases for small art pieces. Their motto:

A woman is like a tea bag - you only know how strong she is when she is put in hot water.

Well, personally I am vehemently opposed to putting women in boiling water, but I do recommend anybody who is looking for a little creative spark try some t-bag art. It is quite a bit more satisfying than cleaning.


  1. These are phenomenal! Love the idea behind the art (and the quote; tho' I agree with you, boiling water has to be a no-no!)Found you via Shanthi's blog, would love to read more about the Box of Reacquaintance (I might steal the idea!) :)

  2. Thank you, GB! I am so excited to get comments :-) Yes, I think everybody who owns more than three things should have a Box of Reacquaintance :-)

  3. disowned friends! loved the expression ! it will be very interesting to know more about this art. Thanks for such insightful and enjoyable blogs..

  4. Thank you, Brinda. I am so happy that you follow my blog :-)